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The Utah Geological Survey has information on the Volcanic Features in The Black Rock Desert, Millard County (https://geology.utah.gov/map-pub/survey-notes/geosights/geosights-volcanic-features-in-the-black-rock-desert-millard-county/). This article describes the volcanic area that includes the Red Dome Mine, where we mine Utah lava rocks for products like, landscaping lava rocks, concrete aggregate, cinders, lava boulders and more. Utah lava rocks have some great and unique features that make them perfect for many applications.

The Black Rock Desert

According to the article, “The Black Rock Desert is a volcanic area, or volcanic field, covering more than 700 square miles in eastern Millard County. Episodic volcanic activity has occurred here from a couple million years ago up to a few centuries ago, leaving intriguing landforms and features including volcanic cones, lava tubes, pressure ridges, and craters. This article focuses on the northeastern part of the field, which includes Black Rock Volcano, Tabernacle Hill, White Mountain, the Ice Springs lava flows, Devils Kitchen, and Pahvant Butte, all easily identifiable from Interstate 15.

The Black Rock Desert lies within the Basin and Range physiographic province, which has been shaped over the past 17 million years by stretching and uplift of the Earth’s crust. Extension resulted in development of faults in the thinning crust, creating a recurrent pattern of linear north-south trending mountain ranges and valleys. Some of the faults have been conduits for magma (and water) to reach the surface; many of the volcanic cones, vents, and hot springs in the Black Rock Desert align with the faults. Currently, the Black Rock Desert may be the largest geothermal prospect in Utah.

The Black Rock Desert is the youngest volcanic field in Utah and contains both Utah’s youngest known rhyolite dome, White Mountain, and its most recent eruptive event, the basalt flows at Ice Springs. Two major eruptions—at Pahvant Butte and Tabernacle Hill—occurred when Ice Age Lake Bonneville covered the area, forming volcanic islands in the lake.”

Red Dome Mine

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