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We are Utah’s largest open pit lava mine, specializing in lava, cinder, and scoria products.

About Red Dome

Red Dome Lava rock mine has both red and black lava rock for a variety of projects. Current customer base included. Red Dome has been mined off and on since 1930. 

Location and Access:

Red Dome is located 9 miles directly west of Fillmore Utah, USA. Take 200 south to the end of the road and you arrive at the font gate. This road is paved within 3 blocks of the gate and maintained by the county up to the gate.


We are the source!
When it comes to getting your lava rock, go straight to the source. The source for all of your lava rock needs is located in Fillmore, Utah at the Red Dome Lava Products Mine. We have over 100 Million tons of lava rock.

Our mine is very versatile. We can custom screen lava rock to any size you would like, provided you have a purchase of sufficient quantity. We have lava rock products from fine cinder sand to lava rock boulders as large as you can haul.

Red Dome has three colors of lava rock. Red lava rock, which can vary from dark red to a lighter burnt orange. Black lava rock which can vary from midnight black to a grey green. And Chocolate lava rock which is a mix of every color as we mine across the color veins.

NOTE: ALL Black Lava Rock has some red in it & ALL Red Lava Rock has some black in it. We strive to provide the truest color possible but due to the natural variation of lava rock colors, we have to state the exceptions.

Natural lava rock is sometimes called cinders, cinder rock, foamed obsidian or lava stones. We call our product foamed obsidian because our lava rock is obsidian with many tiny air bubbles. These air bubbles make our rock very light in comparison to other rock products. If you are landscaping, you will get more square yards to the ton than other traditional heavy landscape rocks.

Foamed Obsidian lava rock is sharp and abrasive and provides great traction on road ways and freeways packed with snow or ice. It can also be used for personal walkways and other places that ice and snow build up. Lava rock is PH neutral and will not cause problems with grass or vegetation like other chemicals and salt can. In fact, plants love our lava rock!

Plants love the aeration properties of our lava rock. As a soil amendment, foamed obsidian can provide nutrients and aeration properties that plants need to thrive. Many popular potting soils have our 3/8 lava rock in the potting medium.

We specialize in light weight fill. Our lava rock is one of the lightest aggregates available. At 2.01 Yards to the ton, the value is twice that of other aggregates of 1 yard to the ton.

Red Dome, Inc has been supplying natural Lava Rock
to business, government and industry for over a decade.

Product uses:
Deslicking grit
Fish tank rock
MSE back fill
Cinder blocks
Decorative Landscape
BBQ briquette
Light weight cement


Red Dome is a cinder cone volcano. Cinder is a lot lighter than basalt or lava flow type volcanoes. This light weight property is a competitive edge for light weight concrete and MSE wall construction.

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